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We are grateful for modern technology that improves and enhances so many areas of our lives. Dentistry has also benefitted from technology that improves many aspects of your dental experience. At PNW Dental, we have invested in technology that we know will keep you comfortable by making your time in the dental chair more productive and efficient.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about the leading-edge dental technology we offer and how it can benefit you at your next appointment.


Same Day Crowns

In 2021, PNW Dental invested in the latest and most advanced technology to offer same day crowns to our patients. This new technology allows us to provide high quality dental crowns and restorations in a time efficient manner without the need for goopy dental impressions. Traditional crown techniques would require the patient to leave with a fragile temporary crown and return two weeks later for the final crown cementation. Now, we will have you walking out the door with your new crown in one appointment!

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TVs in Treatment Rooms

The team at PNW does everything we can to make your experience at our dental office calm, pleasant, and stress-free. With ceiling-mounted TVs in each of our treatment rooms, you can escape for a little while with your favorite TV or news show while we work to help you achieve excellent oral health.

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a device that our dentists use when performing your examinations. The small digital camera shows us detailed, close-up images of your mouth, which also appear on your chairside monitor.

Using the intraoral camera benefits you because it involves you in the process. It’s always more meaningful to visualize a problem like a cavity than to sit back and be told that it exists. When you see what your dentists see, they can explain what you’re looking at and how treating the problem will benefit you.

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are invaluable because they show us details that our dentists can’t see during a visual examination. While some cavities show up as noticeable dark spots on the teeth, decay and infections often develop inside the tooth and under the gums.

We use digital x-rays for several reasons:

  • Digital x-rays emit up to 80 percent less radiation than film x-rays.
  • Our dentists can share your x-rays with you on your chairside monitor, allowing you to see what they see.
  • With the highly-detailed images that digital x-rays provide, we can show you what the problem is and explain how treatment will benefit you.
  • Digital x-rays are stored in your patient record so we can access them easily to plan treatment or send to insurance companies and specialists.
  • Since there are no harmful chemicals to dispose of, digital x-rays are safe for the environment.
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Nitrous Oxide

If you would like dental sedation but don’t want something that is going to affect you for the rest of the day, nitrous oxide is an excellent choice. Since nitrous oxide is a gas, you inhale it through a small, comfortable mask, and the effects of relaxation and comfort come on quickly.

You will enjoy the benefits of having a relaxing experience, and any drowsy effects will quickly dissipate once we stop the flow of nitrous. We will have you relax and inhale pure oxygen for several minutes to clear your head, and you can leave our office and safely drive yourself home.

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Rotary Endodontics

With advances in dental technology, we have been able to streamline many dental procedures, including root canals. Using rotary endodontics instead of manual instruments, our dentists can perform root canals more quickly and with better long-term outcomes than ever before.

A root canal involves removing infected pulp from inside your tooth, and rotary endodontics do the job thoroughly and efficiently. Patients don’t experience the unpleasant sensations or sounds typically associated with root canals in the past and many are surprised at how quickly their procedure was completed.

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