Root Canals

When you have an infected or abscessed tooth and are experiencing a lot of pain, a root canal is the procedure we recommend. With a root canal, our dentists can remove the infection, which relieves your pain and saves the tooth.

At PNW Dental, we understand that a root canal is a procedure that has a poor reputation, but we would like to show you that all the hype and fear are unwarranted. In the hands of an experienced dentist—using powerful anesthetics and leading-edge technology—root canal therapy is nothing to fear.

Why Our Dentists Recommend a Root Canal

A tooth is comprised of three layers: a hard outer layer of tooth enamel, a softer layer called dentin, and the interior or pulp chamber. Pulp carries the nerves, blood vessels, and tissue that keeps your tooth alive, and if you experience an infection in this area, we would recommend a root canal.

There are several ways bacteria can enter the inner pulp chamber and cause an infection, including advanced decay, a crack in the tooth, old dental work, or trauma to the tooth. Once you develop an abscess or infection, the only way to treat it is with a root canal or extraction. 

What’s Involved with Getting a Root Canal

Performing a root canal for our patients in Eugene, OR is a straightforward process. The first step is to numb your mouth to deaden painful sensations, so you don’t feel anything.

Next, our dentists open a tiny hole in your tooth to access the infected pulp. Then, using advanced rotary endodontic technology, they comfortably remove the unhealthy pulp inside of your tooth.

The next step is to fill the hollowed-out chamber of your tooth with a material called gutta-percha, then seal the tooth and place a temporary filling. It is common to experience some soreness after a root canal, and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever is usually enough to provide relief.

Your Comfort Is Always Our Priority

Providing quality dentistry and procedures like root canals requires more than clinical skill; we also need to be the kind of professionals who are sensitive to any anxiety our patients' experience. A lot of anxiety about these procedures stems from a fear of the unknown, so we will carefully explain why you need treatment and what’s involved.

We can also help take the edge off of your anxiety by offering nitrous oxide or laughing gas that will calm your anxious feelings and make it comfortable to get the essential care you need.

The secret to our comfortable, stress-free root canals is our rotary endodontic technology. Instead of using manual instruments, our dentists use this technology to efficiently and thoroughly remove infected material from inside your tooth. Many patients who have had a root canal with rotary endodontics say it was the most comfortable they had ever experienced.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment in Eugene, OR?

Some common signs of an infected tooth that requires a root canal are a severe toothache, jaw pain or swelling, puffy or inflamed gums, and a bump on your gums. If you are experiencing any of these, please call PNW Dental so our dentists can determine if you need a root canal.