General Dentistry

PNW Dental is a family-centered dental practice that welcomes patients of all ages, from 2 to 102, and every age in between Dr. Susie Watkins and Dr. Tyler Peterschmidt have created a warm and caring environment where families come to receive exceptional dental care.

General dentistry starts with prevention that includes teeth cleanings and exams that help you avoid cavities and gum disease. If a problem does develop, we offer services to restore your healthy smile and get your healthy smile back on track. 

What Services Does a General Dentist Offer?

When you visit a general dentist, you have access to a wealth of treatments and services. If your teeth and gums are healthy, we can help you keep them that way. If they aren’t, and you have cavities or gum disease, we would love to be part of your plan for a healthier smile. 

  • Dental exams and teeth cleanings
  • Digital x-rays as needed
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Tooth fillings, crowns, and bridges
  • Dentures and partials
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extractions

How Can We Help You?

Each of our patients comes to us with unique needs and desires for their smile. Some are mainly interested in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, while others need to repair decayed, broken, or missing teeth. 

With this in mind, we tailor your treatment to meet your individual needs. Our Eugene, OR dentists are great listeners who will thoroughly explain your treatment plan and answer every one of your questions. 

Maintain a Healthy Smile

Dental exams and teeth cleanings fall under the category of preventive dentistry. If you develop gum disease, we will recommend a treatment plan to get it under control before it damages your oral health. 

We can’t overemphasize how crucial gum health is. What happens in your mouth has been proven to affect the rest of your body in numerous ways. Diabetes, heart and lung disease, arthritis, cancer, dementia, and other systemic diseases have been linked to chronic, untreated gum disease. 

Fix Broken and Missing Teeth

As we age, it's common to see more problems like broken, worn, and missing teeth that can benefit from restorative dentistry. Our priority is to ensure that you have a comfortable, functional smile that makes it easy to enjoy a high quality of life.

Our natural-looking dental crowns and bridges restore your ability to eat, smile, and speak comfortably and naturally. In addition to bridges for tooth replacement, we also offer full and partial dentures, dental implants, and implant dentures.

Love Your Smile Again

Once we know your teeth and gums are healthy, we would love to talk to you about adding the finishing touch to enhance your one-of-a-kind smile. Cosmetic dentistry includes services like tooth bonding, veneers, Invisalign, and professional teeth whitening that will help you love your smile again.

Call to Schedule an Appointment with Us

Dr. Susie Watkins and Dr. Tyler Peterschmidt are experienced general dentists who enjoy serving patients in Eugene and surrounding areas and would love to meet with you. Call us today to see how we can help you achieve a healthier, brighter, and fresher smile.