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Why are dental cleanings and exams important?

At PNW Dental, we are strong advocates of a conscientious routine of preventive dental care which includes routine appointments for dental exams and teeth cleanings. The goal at our Eugene, OR dental office is to help you preserve your healthy teeth for as long as possible. Prevention is the number one way we can help you achieve that goal.

With regular visits, our dentists and hygienists can monitor your oral health over time and address minor issues before they become major problems. Just because your teeth feel okay and you're not in pain, it does not necessarily follow that there are no underlying problems. Routine exams and x-rays allow us to detect conditions that you're not even aware of.

Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning in Eugene, OR

The health of your teeth is so important, and preventive care is so easy that it makes good sense to be proactive with your oral health care. At PNW Dental, we offer convenient hours that allow you to plan your appointments around your work or school schedule.

Please contact PNW Dental to schedule a convenient appointment for your next six-month cleaning and exam. We look forward to helping you maintain a healthy, problem-free smile that lasts a lifetime.

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