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Is it safe to have dental care when I'm pregnant?

Expecting moms have many questions about dental work during pregnancy, and the answer is that it’s not just safe—it’s a good idea to protect them and their unborn baby.

Our Eugene, OR dentists highly recommend maintaining your preventive dental exams and teeth cleanings to avoid developing gum disease.

While we might not recommend dental x-rays during pregnancy, it’s good to know that the American College of Radiology states that a single diagnostic x-ray doesn’t have sufficient radiation to cause adverse effects to your unborn baby.

We recommend postponing cosmetic and elective procedures until after delivery. But if you do need a tooth filling or dental crown during pregnancy, it has been well studied and is considered safe for mom and baby.

Have Questions about Dental Work during Pregnancy?

It is safe to receive dental care while pregnant, but we always welcome calls and questions regarding this concern. Please call us if you have questions or need to schedule a teeth cleaning at our Eugene, OR dental office. 


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